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  • Where Did It All Go Wrong? (Sep 2004)
  • Taking valid workplace air samples - 6 common pitfall areas and how to avoid them.

  • Sorbent Technology (Jun 2005)
  • Sampling for airborne contaminants using sorbent tubes.

  • CDC/NIOSH Develops Safety Management Tool for Recognition, Evaluation and Control of Lead (Sep 2006)
  • A safety management program for lead.

  • Airborne Hazards from Gases, Vapours and Dusts (Jan 2010)
  • Air Sampling is a vital method of protecting workers from these potential hazards.

  • Air Quality (May 2010)
  • A Review of Industrial/Occupational Hygiene with an emphasis on air sampling.

  • Active Vs Passive Sampling (Feb 2011)
  • Active sampling involves the use of an air sampling pump to actively pull air through a collection device such as a filter. Passive sampling, however, does not require active air movement from a pump. This article considers the pros and cons of each for air sampling.


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