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About Sorbent Tubes

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SKC produced the first commercial sorbent tube for NIOSH in 1973.

Since then, SKC has remained on the leading edge of sorbent tube sampling by maintaining consistently high sorbent quality, expanding tube availability, and advancing sorbent technology.


Health and safety professionals around the globe at national and local levels choose SKC sorbent tubes for:

  • Quality and reliability for compliance sampling
  • Consistent 20/40 mesh size of Anasorb® CSC charcoal
  • Reproducible recoveries and low standard deviation
  • Large lots with consistent results
  • A complete line of tubes for occupational and environmental methods
  • Fast delivery
  • Responsive customer service and free technical support.

To select a tube for a specific compound, refer to the Sampling Guides, the SKC online Hazard Database or the SKC Catalogue
Alternatively, see the tubes listed by sorbent type:


Tubes By Sorbent Type

• Silica Gel Tubes

• Anasorb Sorbent Tubes

• Charcoal Sorbent Tubes

• Tenax Sorbent Tubes

• Chromosorb Sorbent Tubes

• Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Tubes

• Porapak Sorbent Tubes

OSHA Versatile Sampler (OVS) Sorbent Tubes

Diffusive TD Tubes for Benzene and other VOCs

• Other Sorbent Tubes including Alumina, Carbon Beads, Drying Tubes, Firebrick, Florisil, Glass Beads, Molecular Sieve and Soda Lime tubes.


Customised Tubes

If you cannot find what you require perhaps you need a customised tube?

Custom Solvent Desorption Sorbent Tube Form or Custom Thermal Desorption Sorbent Tube Form


Sorbent Tube Accessories

Sorbent Tube Accessories including tube holders, constant pressure controllers and tube breakers


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