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Leland Legacy Pump

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The personal-size Leland Legacy® air sampling pump offers flows from 5 to 15 L/min, PC-programmability, and up to 24-hour run times for personal or area sampling of low-level contaminants. The pump is ideal for use with impactors, low-volume PUF tubes, filter cassettes, and spore traps.
The Leland Legacy air sampling pump is CE marked. It is not UL Listed for intrinsic safety.



High flows from 5 to 15 L/min
Achieve flow rates that you couldn't reach before when using a personal sample pump. The Leland Legacy provides the high flows and long run times of a vacuum-style pump in a compact, portable, and battery-operated sampler.

Long runs for 24 hours on one battery charge
Rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery pack provides 24-hour run times with impactors and other sampling devices with low back pressures.* Leland Legacy is ideal for 24-hour indoor air studies and unattended ambient air sampling.

* Leland Legacy is not recommended for high back pressure applications such as asbestos clearance sampling.

Typical Run Time

24+ hours:

  • Sioutas Impactor at 9 L/min (approximately 13 inches water back pressure)
  • Personal Environmental Monitor (PEM) with 37-mm, 2.0-µm PTFE filter Cat. No. 225-1709at 10 L/min
  • Low-volume PUF Tube at 5 L/min
  • IMPACT Sampler (PM2.5 or PM10) at 10 L/min
  • For extended run times, the pump may be operated while attached to the approved charger.
Results obtained using a new pump and new fully charged battery. Pump performance may vary.
Back pressure on PTFE filters can vary within the same lot. Maximum operating temperature is 464 F (240 C) based on support ring.
Pump sampling at 10 L/min using PEM impactor with 37-mm, 2.0 µm PTFE filter with new pumps and batteries. Pump and battery performance may vary. See additional run times in Performance Profile.

Low Levels
Longer runs at higher flows provide more sample for the enhanced sensitivity required for measuring low concentrations, particularly in indoor air environments.

Low Noise
With the noise-reducing case accessory, the Leland Legacy can operate at 10 L/min and 12 inches water back pressure with a noise level of only 52 dBA.**

** Measured 3 feet (1 meter) from pump operating at 10 L/min without media

Advanced flow control
The patented (U.S. Patent Nos. 5,892,160) internal flow sensor measures flow directly and acts as a secondary standard to constantly maintain the set flow. Set flow is achieved immediately at start-up and flow calibration is automatically maintained by built-in sensors that compensate for differences in temperature and atmospheric pressure during sampling.

Flexible programming

  • Manual three-button operation
    No tools needed. Simply use the Leland Legacy built-in keypad to set, calibrate, and sample! Real-time sampling parameters are available at the touch of a button.
  • PC programmability
    The ultimate in pump scheduling and record keeping. Use Leland Legacy with your PC and DataTrac for Leland Legacy Software to create complete running sequences, download sampling and calibration data, and generate sampling reports for ISO 9000, quality programs, and occupational health and safety management systems. DataTrac Software for Leland Legacy is included in the 5-pack kits and sold separately.

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