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Diffusive TD Tube for Benzene

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Protective Shelter for Diffusive benzene tube

Protective shelter

The diffusive TD Tube for Benzene is deployed for 14-day fenceline monitoring at multiple points around petroleum refinery sites.



  • Meets specification of U.S. EPA 325A and UK HSE MDHS 104
  • Used to determine average benzene concentration in the range 0.5 to 500 ug/m3 over a two week period
  • Reusable

The tubes are standard-sized SilcoNert 2000 deactivated Stainless Steel TD tubes with Swagelock fittings; when they are deployed a diffusion cap is connected to one end. The diffusion cap works the same way as a front plate on a passive badge, and has a small screen inside which also keeps out particulates/insects. Tubes are deployed inside a custom-made shelter for outdoor use, which can hold up to 4 tubes at a time, and keeps them pointing diffusion-cap downwards.

The tubes are identified with a unique identification number and bar code, and the airflow cap placement arrows are also printed on the tube.


Sorbent: Carbopack X
Tube Material: Stainless Steel coated with SilcoNert 2000, sealed with brass Swagelok screw caps fitted with PTFE ferrules
Uptake Rate: Benzene: 0.67 ml/min
Dimensions: 3.5 x 0.25 inch OD
Analysis: GC-FID or GC-MS (EPA 325B)

Note: All tubes are conditioned and quality control tested to assure low background

Description Pack Size Part Number
SKC Diffusive TD Tubes for Benzene*

Supplied with diffusion caps and brass Swagelok screw caps with PTFE ferrules

10 526-100
Diffusion Caps 10 526-100
Shelter Each 526-100

* Tubes must be used within 30 days of conditioning

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