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Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Tubes

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Polyurethane PUF tubeHigh Volume PUF Tube

Polyurethane Foam (PUF) tubes are available in low volume or high volume versions.




The low volume PUF tubes (22 x 100 mm) are for measurements up to 24 hours at flow rates between 1 to 5 L/min. They meet the specifications of EPA TO-10A, EPA-IP-8, ASTM D4861, ASTM D4947.

The high volume PUF tubes (65 x 125 mm) are designed for use with high volume samplers for ambient air sampling of organochlorine pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). The PUF-only sorbent tubes meet ASTM D6209 and EPA IP-7, TO-4A, TO-9A and TO-13A, and are packed with precleaned PUF for low background. The PUF/XAD-2 combination tube meets EPA Method 600/8-80-038 specifications, and contains cleaned XAD-2 sorbent between two PUFs, which improves volatile component extraction during analysis.

To select a tube for a specific compound refer to the SKC Sampling Guides or use the SKC online Hazard Database

Size (mm)
Sections Sorbent
Ends Tube
Separators Pack
Part Number
Foam (PUF)
22 x 100 1 76 mm GO P None Each 226-92 *
Foam (PUF)
65 x 125 1 75 mm GO - None Each 226-131 *
Fibre Filter
22 x 100 1 76 mm GO P SGN Each 226-126 *
PUF/Tenax/PUF 22 x 100 3 30 mm/750 mg
/30 mm
GO P None Each 226-124 *
PUF/XAD-2/PUF 22 x 100 3 30 mm/1500 mg
/30 mm
GO P None Each 226-143 *
PUF/XAD-2/PUF 65 x 125 3 50 mm/10 g
/25 mm
GO - None Each 226-129 *

Table Notes:

*   Limited shelf-life; contact SKC for more information
‡   Tubes are chemically conditioned before shipping; use within 30 days or recondition. Restocking fee applies.
§   Each tube has a flow direction arrow and unique number.
  Limited shelf-life; refrigerator/freezer storage may be required. Contact SKC for more information.

Tube Ends:

GS:  Glass Sealed
GO:  Glass Open
SS:   Stainless Steel Open>

Protective Tube Covers:

A:  6 mm OD x 70 mm length
B:  8 mm OD x 110 mm length
C:  10 mm OD x 150 mm length
D:  10 mm OD x 220 mm length and shorter tubes
P:   Low-volume PUF Tube Holder - Do not use an adjustable low flow holder
V:  OVS Tube Holder - Do not use an adjustable low flow holder


W:  Glass Wool
G:  Glass Fibre Filter
F:   Foam
N:   Nylon Ring
Q:   Quartz Filter
R:   Glass Spacer
S:   Screen
T:   PTFE Ring

Sorbent Equivalencies:

Anasorb 708 is equivalent to Chromosorb 108.
Anasorb 727 is equivalent to Chromosorb 106.
Anasorb 747 is an SKC proprietary sorbent.
Anasorb C300 is equivalent to Hydrar, Carulite.
Anasorb CSC is an SKC proprietary sorbent.
Anasorb GCB1 is equivalent to Carbotrap B (20/40), Carbopack B (60/80).


Anasorb ® — SKC Inc
Chromosorb ® — Manville Corp.
Porapak ® — Waters Associates, Inc.
Tenax ® — Buchem B.V.
XAD ® — Rohm & Haas

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