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Glass Impinger

Impingers are small bottles used with an air sample pump to collect airborne hazards into designated collection liquids for analysis. For personal exposure measurement the impinger mounts in a holster accessory near the breathing zone. For area monitoring the impinger is mounted on the side of a pump with a holder accessory. SKC offers impingers in Pyrex® glass or PFA (fluoropolymer) to meet your applications.

Glass Midget Impingers

SKC laboratory-quality glass impingers have graduations that are accurate to within ±0.5 ml for each increment. This helps reduce volumetric measurements required in the field and in the laboratory, while also saving time and money. Serial numbers on both sections assist with sample identification and proper part matching.

The Glass Midget impingers are available with a standard nozzle, or fritted nozzle (170 to 200 µm glass frit) which increases contact between the air sample and the liquid. Both types are also available as a spill-resistant model, which features a special outlet side arm that extends midway down with sufficient capacity above to handle all liquid in the standard or fritted impinger.

Description Part Number
Standard Glass Midget Impinger, 25 ml, standard nozzle 225-36-1
Special Glass Midget Impinger, 25 ml, fritted nozzle 225-36-2
Spill-resistant Glass Midget Impinger, 25 ml, standard nozzle 225-36-4
Spill-resistant Glass Midget Impinger, 25 ml, fritted nozzle 225-36-5


Standard Glass Midge Impinger


Special Glass Midget Impinger with Fritted Nozzle


Spill Resistant Glass Midget Impinger


Spill Resistant Glass Midget Impinger with Fritted Nozzle



PFA Midget Impingers

PFA Midget Impinger

Unbreakable Savillex 60 ml PFA impingers are an ideal alternative to glass impingers. PFA impingers are safe to use and are inert to virtually all chemicals and perform well in high-temperature and cryogenic applications. SKC offers Savillex PFA impingers with two different port configurations to meet your applications, including transfer caps and ferrule nuts to provide a leak-tight seal.

  • Mechanically strong even at high temperatures
  • Temperature resistant up to 260°C (500°F)
    • Also suitable for cryogenic applications
  • Chemically resistant to all common solvents
  • Ultra-low levels of metallic and organic extractables
  • Steralisable
    • Autoclave, e-beam, ethylene oxide, or gamma radiation
  • Low gas permeability
  • Large 60 ml capacity
Description Part Number
PFA Impinger with a ¼ inch vertical port and a ¼ inch side port for horizontal connections 225-0020
PFA Impinger with two vertical ¼ inch ports for close assembly of sampling train 225-0021
180 degree PFA Tube Bend, ¼ inch (6.35 mm) diameter x 8 inch (203 mm) length, used to connect two PFA impingers Part Number 225-0021 only 225-0022
90 degree PFA Tube Bend, ¼ inch (6.35 mm) diameter x 6 inch (150 mm) length, used to connect a PFA impinger (Part Number 225-0020 only) to a sample pump 225-0023


PFA Impinger


PFA Impinger with Two Vertical Ports


180 Degree PFA Tube Bend for Connnecting Two Impingers


90 Degree PFA Tubing to Connect Impinger to Sample Pump

225-0023 in use


Impinger Holsters and Holders

Vinyl holsters are supplied with a clip to attach to clothing, to ensure impinger is near the breathing zone. The stainless steel holders for area monitoring attach to high-volume air sample pumps. The single holder accommodates either an impinger or impinger trap; the double holder accommodates either two impingers for series operation or an impinger and trap.

Description Part Number
Holster, thick vinyl fabric with a clip for attachment to clothing. Suitable for Glass Midget Impingers only 225-20
Single impinger Holder, suitable for glass impingers only, for 1 impinger or 1 trap. Stainless steel 225-20-01
Double Impinger Holder, suitable for glass impingers only, for 2 impingers, or 1 impinger and 1 trap. Stainless steel 225-20-02
Holster, vinyl with clip for attaching to clothing. Suitable for PFA Midget Impingers only 225-0027
Single Impinger Holder, suitable for PFA impingers only, for 1 impinger or 1 trap. Stainless steel. Note that this holder is larger to hold the PFA impinger. 225-0026


Glass Midget Impinger Holster


Single Impinger Holder for Glass Midget Impingers


Dual Impinger Holder for Glass Midget Impingers


PFA Impinger Holster


Single PFA Impinger Holder



Impinger Traps

A trap is is used with an impinger to prevent impinger liquid from being drawn into the sample pump. Solid sorbents may be added to the trap when using a volatile liquid to protect the pump chamber from vapours.

Description Part Number
Glass trap for Glass Midget Impingers for area sampling, can be used with or without sorbent 225-22
In-line Plastic Traps with silica gel/activated charcoal sorbent, pk/3 225-22-01
Replacement Trap Sorbent, 200 g, silica gel/activated charcoal 225-22-02


Trap for Glass Midget Impingers


Inline Plastic Trap


Sorbent for Trap


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